It’s Time for a Watch Party!

HNMM  - TV Premiere Key Art

Malala Yousafzai is a well-known name around the world! Besides winning the Nobel Peace Prize, starting an organization to provide girls around the world with an education, she wrote a book about her life all before the age of 18! Now watch the book come to life through the film, He Named Me Malala.

Who doesn’t need an excuse to get their friends together and support a great cause? On Monday, February 29, 2016, at 8/7c get your snacks together and watch He Named Me Malala  commercial free  on the National Geographic Channel. Learn more here. 


Thanks to the National Geographic for my Watch Party Kit!



You even help bring 12 years of safe, free, quality education to girls around the world by spreading the word on social media – it’s that easy!

Visit and create a custom Facebook profile video to show your support. For every person who participates through March 10, 21st Century Fox will donate $1 to the Malala Fund. A $1 donation will also be made for every tweet using the hashtag #withMalala during this time period, for a total donation of up to $50,000.

  • Host a watch party: Share your passion for girls’ education and invite friends and family over to watch the film. Sign up to host a watch party in your home or community.
  • Live tweet with @MalalaFund: The Malala Fund will be live-tweeting from @MalalaFund using #withMalala during the broadcast. Follow along for behind-the-scenes photos and stories, as well as information on how you can take action for girls’ education.
  • Fill a Schoola bag during your viewing party: Have your friends and family gather gently used clothes and fill a Schoola Bag. Send it in a 40% of the proceeds will go to the Malala Fund! It’s an easy way to get a lot of people involved, raise awareness and funds, and it costs absolutely nothing! Read more about the program and request a bag here.

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Get  ready for the event by reading my past blogs about Malala: 

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Guest Blog Post – Tati Green (Work Song Book)

Every body is different because everybody is different. Different is sexy. Different is unique. Different is beautiful. Don’t let fashion magazines, haters or body shamers tell you otherwise. –Tati Green

(Who is Tati Green? Read this blog about the new book Work Song) 

We all come in different shapes and sizes.

Some of us are tall and some of us are short.

Some of us are fat and some of us are skinny.

Some of us have curves and some of us don’t.

Some of us have light skin and some of us have dark skin.

Some of us have long hair and some of us have short hair.

But all of us are beautiful. We are all beautiful.

Looking at the cover of fashion magazines, you would be led to believe that there was only one type of beauty. The media continues to perpetuate those images as the ideal. And every time we look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, we are feeding into that.

So no more!

Your body is beautiful because it is YOUR body. No one should have the power to make you feel badly about the way you look. Don’t get me wrong—there are some assholes out there that love to tear others down and it may hurt your feelings. But THEIR feelings about your body shouldn’t change YOUR feelings about your body.

If there is something about your body that you want to change, then you should change it. If there is something about your body that you can’t change, then you should stop worrying about it.

If you look different than the next person, GOOD!

Different is unique. Different is beautiful. Different is what makes you stand out in a crowd. Different is what makes you exactly who you are. So dare to be different by daring to be you.

Wrap yourself in the clothing that best reflects your personality and just enjoy the skin you’re in. The beautiful thing about being beautiful is that there is no one way to do it.

When society tries to put you in a box, knock the walls down. –Tati Green

“You have a pretty face” is such a back-handed compliment. It’s like telling me that my face is beautiful, but the rest of me is not.

Despite what society says, my curves are hot.
My love life, on the other hand, is not.

My mom says I’ll never find love because of my weight.
My sister says I’ll never find love because of my personality.
My almost-fiancé says I’ll never find love because I’m incapable of loving anyone.

My mom and sister are full of it, but my ex kind of has a point.

At twenty-seven years old, I’ve never been in love. I date a lot, yet sparks never fly. But when I experienced the heart-pounding, skin tingling feeling for the first time, I didn’t think it would be caused by a guy I’ve never met. And I damn sure didn’t think he would end up holding my future in his hands in more ways than one.

Danielle Allen is a lover of football, fashion, film and fiction. Married to the yin to her yang, Danielle spends most of her time with her husband, family and friends. From karaoke nights to vacationing and everything in between, she enjoys making the most out of the life in which she’s been blessed. Danielle spends her days teaching and event planning and her nights writing.

Danielle Allen is the author of the Back to Life Series (Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back to December*), Love Discovered in New York, Autumn & Summer, the Heartache Series (Heartache, Heartfelt, Heartless*) and Work Song.

BEST Used Bookstore Find – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!


I have always loved books and reading you could blame growing up in a family full of educators OR blame growing up as an only child. I still remember my mother knocking on the door to make sure I was okay. Why? I was reading the Harry Potter series all day! Fast forward…Soon I will be going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. Bringing a book to life through film is one thing but being able to walk through a theme park is going to be so much fun. In preparation for this trip, I watched Harry Potter movies including Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story. Searching for the movies is when I saw the title: Philosopher’s Stone and again in the movie about her life.

Today I decided to check out a used bookstore, Carpe LibrumI stood in the Young Adult section for what seemed like forever. I kept looking not exactly sure what I was looking for and then I saw IT! I couldn’t believe it. The first book J.K. Rowling published before it reached the U.S. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I am pretty sure this moment was brought to me by magic. I look up to J.K. Rowling because her story tells me I too can be an author. Here are all the books I bought. See more book photography on my Instagram page.


Sidebar: The illustrated version was also released today!

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Do you color?

I’m working on finding ways to relax before I sleep. This coloring book keeps me inspired and helps me relax. There is a stress relief activity movement in the book world. Have you seen the coloring book section at Barnes and Noble? Do you color?

August Book Challenge – Day 5 – Did Not Finish

Day 5 – Did Not Finish 

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